Q1- Original Pactor or Pactor III- Which has the higher maximum 'baud rate'

Q2- True or False?- The 31 in PSK31 represents the 31 Hz bandwidth.

Q3- Pactor and PSK31 have encoding schemes that make common letters quicker to send than those less common. What older mode has the same property?

Q4. True or False? - Sneezing while sending a Winlink file could slow the uplink

Q5. Pactor II or Pactor III - Which is the more spectrum efficient?

Q6. True or False? – You have to be careful to use the correct sideband (USB/LSB) with HF Packet, PSK31 (in common BPSK mode), and Pactor.

Q7. True or False?- If you receive reports of distorted voice audio when your Pactor modem is connected, unplugging it while using SSB to clear the distortion only ignores a problem.

Q8. True or False ? – Pactor II and III use FSK (Frequency Shift Keying).

Q9. True or False? - If you have an up-to-date frequency list, a correctly configured Pactor controller, and carefully set your HF transceiver to the frequency calculated by Airmail, you will be ‘spot on’ with the Winlink station.

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