All of this is at W4AVO's shack at Lake Monticello.
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I won't be offended by lower offers. New stuff added Oct 1,2018
GPS diciplined crystal oscillator
Trimble receiver and ocxo
with gps antenna and coax
one pps out sync to USNO UTC to within 20 ns typical
10mHz frequency out (sine and sq) good to 100 ppt (parts-per-trillion) or better typical
Works with KE5FX's Lady Heather

AAR 70cm low-noise preamp AARSP432VDG
Just back from AAR repair with new GasFET and checkout
Type N coax connectors

MFJ-949D Deluxe Versa Tuner II
with Cross Needle VSWR Meter
2 antenna + dummy load

K4ABT Rascal type digital mode interface
Cables for Icom radios
Full docs incl schematic

AEA PK232mbx Multimode Data Controller
Updated firmware with mailbox and PACTOR 2 license
Works with VHF APRS and Winlink (HF pactor or VHF packet)
Full docs including operation and tech manual+schematics

TNC-2 type packet data controller
Non-std ROM -- TheNet Plus 2.08B

Radio Shack DSP Noise Reduction Sys
Built in spkr
12v pwr supply
detailed owner's manual

Hustler mobile antenna system
new car mount
tip over mast
New stainless spring
resonators: 80/75, 40, 30, 20, 15, 10/cb

Mirage B23 30w 2 meter amplifier
with original manual

SCS PTC-II Multimode Data Controller
PACTOR 3, 2, RTTY, PSK31, SITOR, more
packet with DSP 1200b/9600b/19200b internal modem
over $1100 new
$ offers

Ameritron amp relay buffer ARB-700
din 13 connector

3 element 432 mhz yagi
quality commercial construction
satellite mode U or terrestrial
N connector

For a note on a cool QSO with this antenna click here
Diamond X50A base 2m/70cm vertical

Diamond X30A 2m/70cm verical
with 4' alum mast base

Netgear PCI wifi adapter WG311T
fits to PCI card slot

Icom 725 HF transceiver with /mm accessory
For details

Raspberry Pi B
smoke case
Raspian Jessie Linux distro on SD card

Hustler mobile antenna mag-mount
5' mast
18' coax + PL259

Mirage B3016 160w 2 meter amp
receive preamp inop (relay? preamp fet?)

ADM3A vintage terminal
partially restored but needs more work

Arrow dual band yagi satellite antenna
3 el 146mhz 7 el 436 mhz
seperate feed (BNC) each band (no dplxr)
detailed assembly and operation manual

Rascal II+ digital modes interface
missing DIN5 radio cable
2 page instructions, hookup,

MFJ Remote Active Antenna MFJ-1024
no cables, docs, or pwr supply

SignaLink USB
"soundcard" interface
Radio cable for ICOM
PSK31, FT-8, JT-65, WSPR, RTTY, WINMOR, more.

ICOM IC-2000H 2m FM transceiver
with fused pwr cord and new Icom mic

Tektronix 7603 Oscilloscope
with 2 vertical plugins (7A26)
with 3 time base plugins (7B71, 7B85, 7B53A)
3 Tek probes (P6106, P6121, P6131)
Works FB

Bird 100C slug
For Bird 43
100 Watt 100-250MHZ

Vintage 1975 Intel 4 bit C4004 microprocessor
The first programable microprocessor
Authentic ceramic 16 pin dip

MITS V4.0 BASIC tape-
The program that started Microsoft
100% original with documentation
Intel hex format copy included

MFJ-812B 144-220 mhz SWR/Wattmeter

More to come