The trip and its flags

It is a maritime tradition for a ship returning from a
cruise to display the courtesy flags of the countries visited.
...This is the cyberspace equivalent:

We started out in Marathon Florida and sailed in 10 days to
Bermuda. Rested and visited and then on to
Horta in the Azores. 1900 nautical miles in 17 days.
Then to Cascais nr Lisbon
To winter ('87-'88) in guapa Sevilla Espana
Spring '88 to the Rock of Gibraltar
and down the coast and islands of Spain
under the boot of Italy
through the Greek Isles
to winter ('88-'89) in Kusadasi Turkey
in spring '89 back through Greek Isles
to Rome for engine repair
up the Rhone to French Canals and Paris
and north through Belguim
to winter '89-'90 in Vlissingen Holland
back down through Belguim via Antwerp and Brussels
and to Paris again and back into the Med
Summer '90 and winter '90-'91 on S coast of Spain
Back through Gib on the way to
Gran Canaria and across the Atlantic to
Martinique 3000+miles in 3.5 weeks- all downwind
Up the Windwards to beautiful Dominica
and Isles des Saintes/Guadeloupe
and to Nelson's Dockyard on Antigua
to St Barts
to Simson's Lagoon enclosed by St Maarten
and St Martin (one island-two flags)
to the BVIs
and the USVIs
and home at Fishing Bay, Deltaville VA
Thanks to "Flags of the World" for the .gif flags.
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